Gemstones experience billions of years of geological changes, as such, ice-like cracking inside the crystals may occur as a normal phenomenon, making the stones unique with their one of a kind patterns.

Please wear and remove the bracelet gently with care to maintain the strap elasticity and durability. Avoid wearing jewellery pieces during sleep, sports, baths, and swims.

About Silver

To restore or prevent the silver from tarnishing, you may regularly use a silver polishing cloth to gently wipe the bracelet.

Do not wash silver polishing cloths as it would wash away the active ingredients on them.

Remove the bracelet before entering a bath, swim or hot springs to prevent tarnishing. Sulphur and chlorine can oxidise silver articles instantly.

As silver is a relatively soft metal, clasps and hinges may become loose after repeated use. Loose parts can be adjusted with pliers with care if needed.

Aromatic Jewellery

Scent balls and scent plates can be reused unless dirty or replacing oils.

Two to three drops of essential oil on the scent ball are sufficient for a long-wearing aroma.

Essential oil with a strong oxidising property may tarnish the inside of the aroma pendant. Our sterling silver aroma pendants are rhodium-plated, which should provide long-lasting protection against tarnishing. If tarnishing does occur, wiping with a silver polishing cloth is usually sufficient in restoring its shine.