Gemstone Bracelets sizing

Wrist measurement

Please measure the circumference of your wrist using a measuring tape. Our bracelet of size 16cm will fit a person with a wrist circumference of 16cm comfortably. Unless you like a particularly loose fit, you do not need to add extra length when choosing our sizes.

Wrist size guide

The above image shows a wrist circumference of 12.5cm.

What if there is no option for my size?

All of our gemstone bracelets are designed with a specific combination and arrangement of stones. To keep its design and symmetry, different bracelets have different "set of sizing options" available, and stones are usually  increased/decreased in a pair. Therefore, we recommend sticking with the available sizes for the best look. If you like to explore the options of other sizes, kindly contact us through our social media and we will let you know if that is possible.

Necklace sizing

The length of our sterling silver necklaces are measured from tip to tip. Please find the conversion table from inch to cm below:

16 inch - 40.6 cm
18 inch - 45.7 cm
20 inch - 50.8 cm
22 inch - 55.9 cm
24 inch - 61.0 cm